Another Showcase for USA Canvas

CMCP – New Awning & H&R Canopy

In a partnership with Vaughn Construction, USA Canvas proudly took part in elevating healthcare infrastructure at CMCP in Plano, TX. Our mission was to seamlessly merge form and function, a goal we achieved through the installation of a captivating Traditional Awning and a Hip & Ridge Canopy.

The Traditional Awning in Sunbrella red provides great signage helping direct people to the right area. In perfect harmony, the Hip & Ridge Canopy combines style with essential sun protection, crafting an inviting and comfortable environment. This project is a testament to our unwavering commitment to tailoring outdoor solutions to your unique requirements. When you choose USA Canvas, you’re selecting innovative shading solutions that not only transform spaces but also create functional and aesthetically pleasing environments.

Project Information

Children's Medical Center Plano
Plano, TX
Project Number:
Traditional Awning , Hip & Ridge Canopy