Another Showcase for USA Canvas

Shade Sculptures at The Sagemont

USA Canvas, in collaboration with Specified Art, transformed the courtyard at The Sagemont in Irving, TX with our specialized Shade Sculptures We took pride in crafting and installing a shade structure that not only added style but also served as a versatile solution for sun and rain protection.

Our focus was not only on shade and sun protection but also on creating a beautiful solution that catered to Specified Art’s requirements. The project involved high-end materials and finishes, ensuring that the shade structures provide optimal protection for years to come. USA Canvas specializes in tailor-made solutions that blend aesthetics with practicality, ensuring outdoor spaces remain inviting and protected.

When you’re looking for customized shade and weather protection solutions, trust USA Canvas to deliver projects that redefine outdoor comfort and style.

Project Information

Shade Sculptures at The Sagemont
Irving, TX
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Shade Sculpture