Solair® Vertical Shades Dealer & Installer

The hot Texas sun can wreak havoc on your home if you let it. It can make it almost impossible to enjoy your outdoor patio or deck, and it can also shine into your home and make the temperature skyrocket while also fading your carpeting, furniture, and more. You can prevent all of these problems by installing Solair® vertical shades to your home. USA Canvas Shoppe is a Solair® vertical shades dealer and have the knowledge and experience necessary to install them.

When you have Solair® vertical shades installed, they can be used to either cover a part of your house to keep the sun from shining into it or enclose a covered patio or deck space. The power screens and vertical drop curtains from Solair® will make your home more private while also preventing the sun’s harmful rays from causing issues for you. You will likely notice a reduction in your monthly energy bills since the sun won’t be increasing the interior temperature by coming in through your windows. It will also reduce the glare in your home and will increase the longevity of your home’s siding, patio or deck.

Solair® vertical shades come in a variety of different fabrics and colors. USA Canvas Shoppe can help you choose the shades that would be right for your home, and you will quickly see why so many homeowners have decided to install them.

The Two Main Types of Vertical Shades Offered by USA Canvas Shoppe

  • Cable & Vertical Drop Curtains:

    The Solair® Vertical Roller Curtain can provide you and your home with the privacy and shade you want, but it doesn’t utilize a housing or a track system. This makes it more economical than other Solair® options, but it also makes it more susceptible to blowing around in the wind. The Solair® Vertical Curtain Cable, on the other hand, relies on side cables that keep it more secure in breezy conditions.

  • Power Screens:

    Solair® offers two Power Screen models that are designed to enclose porches and patios and protect them from the sun while making them more private. The “SRS” model utilizes side retention tracks located on the edge of the fabric in order to get rid of gaps and keep insects away. Meanwhile, the “Cable Guided” model is a great choice for those who can’t install side tracks due to the architectural design of their homes. While it doesn’t offer as much protection, it will keep the sun out and make any porch more private.