Power Screen Installation – Sun Protection & Blocking

If the hot Texas sun is making it hard for you to enjoy your covered deck or porch during the day, then power screens may prove beneficial. Solair® offers power screens that are perfect for enclosing decks, porches, and other structures in just seconds. You can prevent the sun and its harmful rays from shining into your structure and also make the space significantly more private for you and keep insects away.

Solair® offers two power screen models. The first is a Solair® power screen equipped with “SRS” technology that relies on side retention tracks to move up and down. These tracks eliminate gaps in the power screens and also prevent bugs from finding their way into your enclosure. You will feel like you’re sitting inside of an enclosed structure when you have the “SRS” power screens down.

The second power screen option from Solair® is the “Cable Guided” model. It’s ideal for those who have homes that won’t allow them to use side tracks because of the way their homes are designed. While it won’t completely enclose your structure since there won’t be anything preventing the power screens from moving in the wind, it will provide you with protection from the sun and light wind, and increase the privacy on your deck or porch.

Outside of providing you with protection from the elements, the Solair® power screens will also enhance the look of your home when they’re properly installed. They come in a range of different colors and are made using aluminum and nylon. They can be mounted to fit into almost any sized space and can drop down from between 3 and 20 feet. In addition to loving the protection they’ll give you, you will also love the way they improve the aesthetics of your home when you have USA Canvas Shoppe handle your power screen installation.

Power Screens or Solar Screens Are Great for the Following:

  • Exterior Windows
  • A Covered Deck
  • Sunrooms
  • A Covered Patio
  • Lanai
  • Verandas
  • Balconies
  • Pergolas
  • Gazebos
  • Pavilions