Commercial Canvas Awnings & Canopies in Garland, TX

Customize commercial canvas awnings and canopies in Garland, Texas, for your business to deflect sunlight, protect against the rain and give your building a distinctive appearance.

For over 45 years USA Canvas Shoppe has made custom commercial canvas awnings for businesses of all types, including retail stores, car washes, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and more.

Texas homeowners and businesses rely on USA Canvas Shoppe for canopies and awnings specially made for their building and made from materials built to last.

When the harsh sun makes your deck, patio and other areas around your home or business too hot to enjoy, an awning or canopy can solve this problem.

With awning or canopy colors matching your siding, doors, windows, gardens or your business colors, your exterior will fit together perfectly and catch the eye of every visitor that passes.

Awnings and canopies can be used to make your exterior pop, adding color and charm, while also creating more shade and guarding against rain and snow. USA Canvas Shoppe will build awnings and canopies for the size and type you need, with materials, colors, and features you select.

Add a metal awning to your parking lot to make covered carports or cover your sidewalk with a canvas awning to welcome customers to your business.

Install awnings over your windows for extra shade or cover your deck or patio with a retractable awning.

Contact USA Canvas Shoppe near Garland, Texas, to get started on custom awnings and canopies for your business or your home.