Commercial Canvas Awnings & Canopies in Carrollton, TX

Make your outdoor space comfortable, beautiful and useful with custom commercial canvas awnings and canopies in Carrolton, Texas, designed by USA Canvas Shoppe.

USA Canvas Shoppe designs custom awnings and canopies to fit with your business and brand name while expanding your space.

Sheltered from the harsh sun, rain, hail, snow and wind, your customers can enjoy outdoor dining areas, concert spaces and more all year round.

With expanding dining areas your restaurant or bar can earn more money every day, you can hold special events and give your customers a pleasant place to enjoy the outdoors.

All USA Canvas Shoppe products are handmade in America with careful attention to detail and customization on each item.

USA Canvas Shoppe makes and installs all commercial canvas awnings and canopies in Carrollton, Texas, specifically for each customer.

From small awnings over windows for extra shade and added brand recognition to a large canopy over a patio or a metal awning for carports, USA Canvas Shoppe builds them all.

Choose from hundreds of colors and patterns for your fabric awnings or canopies and various tints and textures for metal awnings.

USA Canvas Shoppe will heat seal your brand name or logo to your canopies and awnings to make sure customers recognize your business every time they come in and anytime they pass by.

Take a look at the canopies and awnings USA Canvas Shoppe has built for other customers throughout Texas.

Order commercial canvas awnings and canopies in Carrollton, Texas, for your new business, or finish your exterior renovations with elegant finishing touches.