Awnings, Canopies & Patio Covers in Fort Worth


Custom awnings at your home or business in Fort Worth, Texas will add not only elegance, but also protection from the elements. USA Canvas Shoppe builds custom business awnings and home awnings to suit nearly any outdoor space. Their team can match the colors and style to your home or business and build strong, long-lasting awnings and canopies to keep the area dry and shady. With so many different materials, colors and styles to choose from, you can create wholly custom canopy awnings that will add to your décor while protecting you, your family or your customers from the sun and rain.

Commercial awnings and patio covers help to keep your customers comfortable in any weather. When the hot Texas sun beats down on your patio or deck, your canvas canopy will keep the area cooler, so your customers can enjoy the nice weather without overheating. If customers are waiting in line outside, they will stay dry under metal awnings or a canvas canopy. USA Canvas Shoppe builds commercial canopies and residential awnings with canvas, vinyl, acrylic, laminated or coated polyester, metal and more, so you can select the ideal style and color without sacrificing function or longevity.

Supported by steel or aluminum pipe or tubing, your commercial canopies or patio awnings will hold their shape even in high winds or heavy rains. The professionals at USA Canvas Shoppe can also build custom residential awnings and awnings for your patio at home, so you can enjoy your beautiful backyard without baking in the summer sun.

Don’t let your valuable patio or deck space in Fort Worth go to waste. Cover the area with custom residential or commercial awnings and enjoy the outdoors in any weather. Call USA Canvas Shoppe today at 877-626-8468 to get a quote for new customer residential or commercial awnings for patios, decks and more.